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Toddler Program​

Our aim for the toddler room is to help the children set up routines. But we understand that every child is an individual and they develop at their own paces. So both the routines and the program for the Toddler room are flexible and versatile.


We have our indoor and outdoor programs for the children aiming at promoting children's physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which emphases on play-based learning.


We provided resources down to children's level so they can choose, design and implement the activities based on their

interests and developmental needs. We use various methods to stimulate and evoke children's curiosity and interests so they are able to invent and direct the focus of self-initiated, age appropriate play and organize and make sense of their social work.

Various kinds of incursions will be conducted throughout the year to enrich children's learning experiences and nurture children's respect and understanding of the world around them.


We start to introduce Montessori experiences to the children in the toddler room by creating a prepared Montessori area. Various kinds of age-appropriate Montessori Materials are available to all the  children in the room. It helps children develop concentration, independence and self-confidence as the materials are purpose-built for their size and ability and the experiences are individualized based on their own developmental needs. Two of our educators in toddler room have been Montessori trained and they help facilitate children's exploration through different kinds of experiences. It provides opportunities for children to be active in a purposeful way to cultivate children's growing need for independence, order, sensory exploration, movement and language. 


Every child in the toddler room has their own learning portfolios  and families can access their children's daily and their learning experiences through Storypark which is an online communication and documentation website. We respect and value the families as our primary partner and we encourage and promote family involvement, because we acknowledge that the families serve as the child's first teacher.

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