Our Philosophy

The experiences of the first 5 years of a child's life are of significance important as they are critical for the child's development and have huge impacts on their future learning and life. So we believe that the children are the central to everything we do and the children's safety and well being are our priority. We believe every child has the right to feel safe, to be valued and accepted for who they are, to learn, to have a voice and to be heard, to grow and to reach their full potential. Each child is an unique individual and we acknowledge and value the many and diverse ways in which children express themselves and their understanding of the world around them. We will endeavor to empower the children to have a voice and to play an active role in their own learning and development.


The educators will strive to build close and professional relationships with the children and their families as we value and understand the importance of human connections-relationships. As James Comer said ‘No significant learning can occur without significant relationships.’ (1995), we believe children don’t learn from people they don’t like! The educators should feel valued and respected as individuals and be able to work in an inclusive environment, free from discrimination. They will work as a cohesive team to achieve professional goals.


We respect and value the families as our primary partner and we encourage and promote family involvement, because we acknowledge that the families serve as the child's first teacher.


We acknowledge that children are active participants in the community and connections with the local community enhance learning opportunities and provide a sense of belonging and an awareness of the world around them. We will strive to create opportunities for numerous members of our community to share knowledge and experiences, to interact and become engaged in our learning community as partnerships with our community are important in enriching children's learning outcomes.


We will make sure our learning environment reflects on the rights of the children to feel safe, valued and respected. We understand that the physical environment performs the role of the third teacher, as our educators provide stimulating play-based learning experiences that allows children to explore new ideas and test their skills, thinking and knowledge through trial and error.


We will strive to build a community of learners where the voices of children, families and educators are respected and valued. We aim to develop a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming, as reflected in the Early Years Learning Framework (2009) for all our children, families and educators.

Our Kids Montessori Child Centre and Kindergarten

Open Hours:

Monday- Friday 7am to 6pm

Closed on public holidays and 2 weeks over the Christmas/ New Year period.

Phone: (03) 9894 4123

Email: ourkids@live.com.au

Website: www.ourkidschildcarecentre.com

Address: 203 Springvale Road Nunawading, VIC, 3131

About Us


Our Kids Montessori Childcare Centre is a private family run centre. It has been a childcare centre for over 25 years and a Montessori centre for 10 years now. Our Kids is a small centre, making the relationships between the families and our staff positive and trusting. Our Montessori Cycle 1 is registered with Montessori Australia


We provide three meals and two snacks throughout the day based on children's nutritional requirements. Our kitchen has a 5 star Food Hygiene rating since 2012 (as assessed by City of Whitehorse every year).


At Our Kids your children's nappies are inclusive in the daily fee. A record will be kept on a board in the children's toilet every day.


Within in the centre we have have two different rooms, The Toddler room and Kinder room:

The Toddler room provides care for children from 1 to 3 years old providing Montessori learning experiences, as well as incorporating planned experiences for the children and child initiated experiences. The Kinder room provides care for children from 3 to 6 years old and runs a cycle 1 Montessori program, as well as including play-based experiences for the children.


We provide long-day care which includes educational programs following the Montessori Teaching Philosophy conducted by a qualified Montessori teacher, and a play based Kindergarten program conducted by two qualified pre-school teachers for children from 3-5 years old.

Our Family Handbook is available to download

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