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​Kinder Program

Our aim for the Kinder room is to get the children ready for school and life.  We adopt both play-based and Montessori learning programs in the kinder room allow the encouragement of greater independence. We have two bachelor qualified kinder teachers and one Montessori 3-6 years old directress in our kinder room to run 3 and 4 years old kindergarten program and Montessori Cycle 1. All other educators in our kinder room have their assistant certificate.

Various kinds of incursions and excursions are conducted throughout the year to enrich children's learning experiences and nurture children's respect and understanding of the world around them. Besides the academic achievements that we focus on to get the kinder children ready for school, we also put strong emphasis on children's social and emotional wellbeings.

Our Kinder teacher runs children-directed, individual, small group and large group sessions based on different focuses of children's developmental areas throughout the day, such as language and literacy, mathematics and science, art and construction, social-dramatic and social-emotional play and physical active play.


We run Montessori Cycle 1 (3-6 years old) in our kinder room every morning, including school holidays. Our Montessori room has been set up with 5 major Montessori Curriculum areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture. Our Montessori teacher always sits with individual or small group of children in our Montessori Environment throughout the day to facilitate different kinds of learning experiences based on children's individual abilities, learning plans and progresses. Our Montessori Cycle 1 program is registered with Montessori Australia and the eligible children completing Cycle1 to continue on to Cycle 2 at Mitcham primary school and Melbourne Montessori school. Click here to find out more about our Montessori Cycle 1 Program...

Children in the kinder room have their own learning portfolios and families can access their children's experiences through Storypark which is an online communication and documentation website. We respect and value the families as our primary partner and we encourage and promote family involvement, because we acknowledge that the families serve as the child's first teacher.

We acknowledge that children are active participants in the community and connections with the local community enhance learning opportunities and provide a sense of belonging and an awareness of the world around them. We will strive to create opportunities for numerous members of our community to share knowledge and experiences, to interact and become engaged in our learning community as partnerships with our community are important in enriching children's learning outcomes, such as local library story time, police and other services visits.

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